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Current Projects

Balwin & Belvedere Revitalization

Improving Edmonton's Mature Neighbourhoods

Balwin and Belvedere are two communities adjacent to Fort Road. The two communities are eligible for grants from the City of Edmonton for community-based enhancement projects.

The Community Vision for Revitalization Belvedere and Balwin is committed to creating proud, safe and diverse communities that support and value their people and businesses.

Image by Billy Hudy
Red Bag

Objectives of the Revitalization

The revitalization project wants to achieve these main goals:

  • Individuals who live, work and play in Balwin and Belvedere are more connected with each other and engaged in community activities.

  • Local businesses in Balwin and Belvedere are welcomed, celebrated and supported by local residents as part of the community.

More Objectives to Achieve

  • Homes, businesses, sidewalks, parks and other places in Balwin and Belvedere are kept clean, tidy and well-lit.

  • Residents and businesses in Balwin and Belvedere take deliberate actions to help make the neighbourhoods feel safer for all community members.

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